Woven blankets of 100% egyptian cotton, in different sizes

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Woven blankets of 100% Egyptian cotton, in different sizes. Density: 320 g / cm2. They can be used to cover a bed or turn around body during sleep in the summer or while sitting on the sofa.

The fabric is extremely natural - soft, pleasant to the touch, antistatic, antiallergic, so it is also suitable for children. Since Egyptian cotton is resistant to washing and treatment and is durable in use, these blankets are also suitable for hotels and can also be used for a summer bed.

The possible colors are: white, grey, purple, dark blue, light green, light orange, mustard, cyclamen, beige, dark pink, light pink, chocolate,  peach, light blue, blue, red, green and orange. All are shown on the pictures. Please, when ordering, specify in the comment field which color you want to order. The shown price is for size: 120х180cm.


If you need different sizes blankets or other designs, contact us.

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