Exquisite Italian toweling bathrobe, single color, for bathroom or spa center

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Exquisite Italian toweling bathrobe, single color, for use in bathroom or spa center.
With a clean design, soft and warm, of 100% quality cotton with a density of 470 gsm.
It does not keep odors. With a shorter hair for easier maintenance and deep cleansing. The bathrobes are made of the so-called American cotton that has a short hair, but when wet it swells extremely and absorbs instantly, so it is believed that this type is the most water absorbing in the world. And also is easier for cleaning in deep.

Sizes: M, L, XL, suitable for men and women.

It adds elegance and warmth to your everyday life.

In different colors as shown on the pictures.

 Please, at order, write the needed colour in the field "Notes".

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