Bed textile is a gift with a message

Bed textile is a gift with a message

When we pay a home visit to a close family or relatives, we wonder what a gift to make ... Usually we choose a souvenir or something ordinary, a bottle of wine or a box of candies ... So, why not textiles for the bedroom? With a strong message of love and unity at home.

The bedroom is the most intimate place at home. Perhaps, that is why we think only the family should care for its comfort, convenience and beautiful look.

On the other hand, family foundations are built in the bedroom. There we stay with ourselves, with our mate, there we act from deep inside. In every home this room is a special one. That is why the gifts for the bedroom carry a special message, show a sincere and well-intentioned attitude and create lasting relations of trust.

Did you know that in the East for marriage, the closest relatives donate a large expensive, luxury duvet for the bedroom of the newly married couple? The symbolism is clear - you are already under one duvet, be happy and appreciate each other! So divorces are much fewer.

Recently, if you follow this advise and make a gift of bedding sets, duvet or just a silk pillowcase, you show willingness. Pillows itself are inappropriate, as requirements are extremely individual and you need a lot of information to make the right choice.

However, the most appropriate gift of bedding linen in our latitudes is the bedding set. Preferably in colour to cherish the family life and give emotion to the bed.

So, how do we choose it? There are a few simple rules for this, but the basic requirement when applying all of them is to have an idea about the furniture in the bedroom of the people we visit.


Here are some rules:

1. Think about the people you go to visit: are they mathematicians or artists with easy going style. Depending on this, choose the emotion you want to create in their bedroom and decide for the pattern of the bedding - whether it to be with natural motives (flowers, leaves), geometric patterns (circles, lines) or just different colors of bed sheets, blankets and pillows.


2. Choose the basic color that shall dominate the selected pattern, this also relates to your feelings for the hosts.


3. Choose the fabric to be at least cotton satin 200TC to feel the nice soft and luxury touch of the bedding set.


4. Be aware of the bed size of the hosts and choose the size of the bedding set correctly.


5. Combine these steps and find the most suitable bedding set for your homeowners.


If you do not know about the family bedroom furniture you are going to choose single colour bedding set in your favorite color (the most suitable is white but with pattern) instead of rules 1 and 2 and make a present of it with all your love. In any case, it will be useful and liked.

Try it!

For weddings we recommend the bedding sets to be of higher class linen, for example at least 300TC series as this occasion is extremely special.

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