От  материи висок клас / Made of high grade  fabrics


Подаръци за любими хора/ Gifts for loved people

Домашен текстил, който не може да купите в магазините / Home textile you cannot buy in shops

Реалните цени на лукса в текстила - за изискан дом и хотел

Реалните цени на високия клас текстил / Real prices of the luxury in textile - for high level home and hotel

Любов от пръв допир / Love from first touch

Връщате безплатно, ако не е достатъчно меко / Free send back if not enough soft

За един щастлив живот / For a happy life
Удобните хавлии - меки и попиващи / Comfortable towels - soft and absorbing
Месец на хавлиите -20% за всички модели / Months of towels - 20% for all models
Popular Products
Natural silk pillow case, for sweet dream and skin youth

Silk pillow case, for an incredibly gentle touch to the face during sleep. Research has shown that silk pillows, due to their lack of friction during sleep, visibly smoothen the skin and aid its night

Price: 129,00 BGN 84,15 BGN
Shick bed linen, made of Italian platinium satin percale, two-colored, in capuccino design

This bed linen features exquisite design and color, and precision of craftsmanship. As is well known, Italians are masters of design and are experts in achieving a sense of chic from the use of things

Price: 389,00 BGN 199,00 BGN
Cheerful, bright fringed rugs for the beach, 90x180cm, 100% cotton, Ibiza model

Description: Cheerful and vibrant rugs with fringe for the beach, 100% cotton, 90х180cm, thick and soft. In three sunshades, fresh and uplifting as it should on the beach. Unisex. Made in Italy.They r

Price: 59,00 BGN 33,15 BGN
Soft bed linen made of Egyptian cotton with thickness of 600TC, single-colored and / or in light design

Bedding sets of the well-known infinitely soft and very durable long-staple Egyptian cotton with a density of 600TC, in different colors and / or light pox in light color or in striped, flowers, dots

Price: 239,00 BGN
Woven cotton blanket, in light designs, in two sizes, for all year round

Very soft, kind and pleasant to touch, as baby's, a 100% cotton blanket in a variety of light designs - beige, grey, green and purple. Fabric, weight: 700g, entirely natural. In three sizes: 140x205cm

Price: 79,00 BGN 63,20 BGN
Artificial leather throw pillows, 40x40cm, in different colours

Suitable for the office specially, also for home, made in artificial leather. Easy to maintain, great accent and convenience. 15 cm thick. Available colors: white, black, red, blue, purple, dark gree

Price: 24,00 BGN
About Natural Bed Linen - Comparative Analysis

Since customers often ask us about the differences between fabrics, we have decided to make a comparison table based on our practical experience (personal use) of bed linen we offer. We do not claim academicity and comprehensiveness, but we believe that this analysis will be useful to anyone looking for comfort for a healthy sleep. Our idea is to facilitate the choice of bedding material, depending on the individual needs of each client. We compare only the fabrics we offer and because the popular low threaded percale and reinforce fabrics on our market are not among them (we consider them not so soft for bed linen), they are not included in our analysis.

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About the wool duvets

Our duvet in bed in bed is extremely important for a healthy sleep with its impact on the human body.

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Bed textile is a gift with a message

When we pay a home visit to a close family or relatives, we wonder what a gift to make ... Usually we choose a souvenir or something neutral, a bottle of wine and a box of candy ... And why not textiles for the bedroom? With the strongest message of love and unity at home.

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What we are useful for

We work only with selected natural fabrics imported directly from world manufacturers. It is important for us that our customers fall in love with them because the fabrics influence energy and warmth at home. The products offered are on extremely attractive prices for their quality, and availabilities are left over to renowned companies in small quantities, so we can not guarantee their availability at any time. So if you like something, buy it now :).

We sew on customer's dimensions any kind of home textile,

We design the pattern and colors of fabrics,

We offer the best solution for each particular case,

We pay attention to every client and need, regardless of its volume,

We execute express orders,

We work in the interest of our clients.


We also offer consulting services for choice of overall concept for design of textile for hotels, aparments and houses.


If you are looking for luxury and warmth in your home or hotel, contact us.