Подбран текстил за дома и хотела / Selected textile for home and hotel


За да ви е удобно ... на спалнята / To feel comfortable on ...your bed

Върнете безплатно, ако не е достатъчно меко / Return for free if not enough soft

Подарък или акцент в дома? / Gift or accent at home?

Домашен текстил, който не може да купите в магазините / Home textile you cannot buy in shops

Реалните цени на лукса в текстила - за изискан дом и хотел

Реалните цени на високия клас текстил / Real prices of the luxury in textile - for high level home and hotel

Ако ви е студено на дивана / If you feel cold on coach
Завийте се с любов в шик одеяло / Wrap yourself with love with a shick blanket
Хавлиите - меки и попиващи / Towels - soft and absorbing
Директно от Италия / Directly from Italy
Popular Products
Cheerful, bright fringed rugs for the beach, 90x180cm, 100% cotton, Ibiza model

Description: Cheerful and vibrant rugs with fringe for the beach, 100% cotton, 90х180cm, thick, durable and stylish. In three sunshades, fresh and uplifting as it should on the beach. Unisex. Made in

Price: 59,00 BGN 35,10 BGN
Natural silk pillow case, for sweet dream and skin youth, in different colours

Silk pillow case, for an incredibly gentle touch to the face during sleep. Research has shown that silk pillows, due to their lack of friction during sleep, visibly smoothen the skin and aid its night

Price: 129,00 BGN 99,00 BGN
Italian colored bedding sets, of 5 parts, cotton satin, 200TC, in three designs

We offer bedding sets, of 5 parts, in three designs, Italian production. The fabric is soft and pleasant to the touch, and is in Italian special designs. This is bed linen that deserves the attention

Price: 319,00 BGN
Woven blankets or bedcovers of 100% waffle cotton, in size 230x250cm

Woven blankets made of waffle 100% cotton fabric - in two braids (classic and diagonal), size 230x250 cm. With fringes on the edges. Beautifully woven, with density: 390 g / m2. They can be used to

Price: 99,00 BGN
Bedding set for luxury bedroom, made of 300TC satin cotton fabric "Earth chessboard"

Bedding set made of cotton satin 300TC, that will make your bedroom luxurous, with beautiful right-of-the-box squares in earth tones and single colour golden brown bedsheet. The design of this set li

Price: 345,00 BGN 199,00 BGN
Bamboo bed linen, in classic design, with a density of 500TC, one color, in white, beige, gray and light khaki

Bamboo is a 100% natural fabric derived from wood, namely bamboo fibers. Bamboo viscose bed linen (lioncel) is one of the softest and with a luxurious touch. It does not retain odors, is extremely b

Price: 329,00 BGN 296,10 BGN
Tencel - the fabric for bed linen, which replaces silk

You like sleeping on silk? Because it is gentle, smooth, shiny and luxurious? Because the touch not only caresses you, but doesn't even feel it? Isn't silk considered to be the highest class of fabric, for connoisseurs? All this is true. The good news is that there is already bedding made of fabric that is close to silk. The new TENCEL.

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About Natural Bed Linen - Comparative Analysis

Since customers often ask us about the differences between fabrics, we have decided to make a comparison table based on our practical experience (personal use) of bed linen we offer. We do not claim academicity and comprehensiveness, but we believe that this analysis will be useful to anyone looking for comfort for a healthy sleep. Our idea is to facilitate the choice of bedding material, depending on the individual needs of each client. We compare only the fabrics we offer and because the popular low threaded percale and reinforce fabrics on our market are not among them (we consider them not so soft for bed linen), they are not included in our analysis.

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About the wool duvets

Our duvet in bed in bed is extremely important for a healthy sleep with its impact on the human body.

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What we are useful for

Vely Home Ltd. is a company for selected textile for home and hotel, located in Sofia. We work only with selected natural and modern fabrics imported directly from world manufacturers. It is important for us that our customers fall in love with them because the fabrics influence energy and warmth at home. The products offered are on extremely attractive prices for their quality, and availabilities are left over to renowned companies in small quantities, so we can not guarantee their availability at any time.

So if you like something, buy it now :).


... we offer unique textile items - they are not available in stores,

... sew on customer's dimensions any kind of home textile,

... design the pattern and colors of fabrics,

... offer the best solution for each particular case,

... pay attention to every client and need, regardless of its volume,

... execute express orders,

... work in the interest of our clients.


We also offer consulting services for choice of overall concept for design of textile for hotels, aparments and houses. More information about the company, please, check here.


If you are looking for luxury and warmth in your home or hotel, contact us.