Любов от пръв допир / Love from first touch

Върнете безплатно след преглед, ако не е достатъчно меко / Free sending back if not enough soft

Уникати за ценители / Uniques for connoisseurs

Безплатна доставка за поръчки над 200лв / Free shipping for orders above 200 BGN.

За хотели / For hotels
Петзвезден текстил за хотели на атрактивни цени / 5stars textile on attractive prices
Честита пролет! / Happy Spring!
Поздравете пролетта в градината си с нашите цветни предложения / Congratulate the spring at your garden with our colourful items
Popular Products
Bedding set for luxury bedroom, made of 300TC satin cotton fabric "Eternity"

Bedding set made of cotton satin 300TC, for making your bedroom luxurous, with beautiful design in white and figures, some of which in the form of finds, and grey bedsheet. For bedrooms with a missio

Price: 345,00 BGN
Bedding sets of 100% natural fabric - silk and tensel

Bedding sets of 100% natural fabric - silk (30%) and tensel (70%). Tensel is a new fabric that comes from wood. With a combination of silk and tensel fibers, it produces extremely delicate fabrics wit

Price: 890,00 BGN 790,00 BGN
Cotton satin 200TC double-sided bedroom colourfull set "Dandelions"

Lovely design in blue-baby pink scale for luxury and coziness at home. With a message of flowering and prosperity. With a message of vitality and prosperity, with this design, you can physically feel

Price: 109,00 BGN 99,00 BGN
Natural silk pillow case

Silk pillow case, for an incredibly gentle touch to the face during sleep. Researches has shown that silk pillows visibly reduce wrinkles due to the lack of friction of the face during sleep. They als

Price: 129,00 BGN 89,00 BGN
100% silk blanket for luxury and coziness with dimensions 180x220cm, in different colors

All-season blanket for luxury and coziness, for turning and cooling in the summer, and warmth in winter, exceptional novelty, 100% silk. Tight and soft, very soft to touch, keeps from cold and wind wi

Price: 490,00 BGN 290,00 BGN
Winter BIO duvet, white or colored, outside cotton, inside wool, 300 gsm

A unique BIO duvet that warms, protects against allergies and skin dermatitis, gives the bed extra comfort and softness as a warm embrace. Extremely pleasing to the outside, outer is 100% cotton satin

Price: 230,00 BGN
About the wool duvets

Our duvet in bed in bed is extremely important for a healthy sleep with its impact on the human body.

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Bed textile is a gift with a message

When we pay a home visit to a close family or relatives, we wonder what a gift to make ... Usually we choose a souvenir or something neutral, a bottle of wine and a box of candy ... And why not textiles for the bedroom? With the strongest message of love and unity at home.

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In the sacred bedroom

According to Eastern phylosophy, the bedroom is the main room at home. A bed is a special place for peace and unity. That is why, in the east, great attention is paid to furnishing and "dressing" the bedroom, using the softest and energized fabrics.

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What we are useful for

We work only with selected natural fabrics imported directly from world manufacturers. It is important for us that our customers fall in love with them because the fabrics influence energy and warmth at home. The products offered are on extremely attractive prices for their quality, and availabilities are left over to renowned companies in small quantities, so we can not guarantee their availability at any time. So if you like something, buy it now :).

We sew on customer's dimensions any kind of home textile,

We design the pattern and colors of fabrics,

We offer the best solution for each particular case,

We pay attention to every client and need, regardless of its volume,

We execute express orders,

We work in the interest of our clients.


We also offer consulting services for choice of overall concept for design of textile for hotels, aparments and houses.


If you are looking for luxury and warmth in your home or hotel, contact us.