Delivery, payment, confidentiality


Delivery, payment, confidentiality

The Supplier of the online store www.velyhome.com is:
y Home" Ltd, whose property is the online store velyhome.com. The company has its headquarters: Sofia, 8, Okolchitsa Str., postal code 1505 and an address of management: 8, Okolchitsa Str., Sofia, UIC: 831239547. The site specializes in the sale of home textiles and selected textile items for the home, including outlet of famous brands.
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Delivery and payment
1. Delivery

When Client made an order, the Supplier confirms the accepted order by telephone or e-mail. The requested items are delivered to a courier and sent to the delivery address specified by the Client or taken from a place in an agreement with the Client. In the event that the ordered items are unavailable or different from those displayed in the e-shop, the Supplier is obliged to negotiate new terms with the Client or to describe the available items in order the Client to confirm the Order. The deadline for submitting the order is up to 48 hours if the ordered items are available or in the period agreed with the Client for unavailable items. The cost of transport for the order and the cost of the charge for payment at sight is at the expense of the Client, unless it is purchased under special conditions specified in the online store www.velyhome.com.
1.1 The
Supplier is obliged to deliver the ordered and purchased items exactly as stated in the online order - by a courier company to the specified by the Client address or to the office of the courier company.
1.2 The
Supplier guarantees the compliance of the ordered items with the sent ones, ensures the appropriate packaging and sends the accompanying documents as specified by the Client in the order.

2. Payment

2.1. The prices of the items announced on velyhome.com are final and include VAT. Prices do not include courier and transport costs, or other taxes for delivery and payment.
2.2. The
total Order value, the method of payment and the shipping address are indicated by the Client in each order.
2.3. The
Client is required to provide all necessary information for the issue of the invoice in accordance with the applicable legislation.
2.4. The
Supplier will issue to the Client an invoice for the ordered and delivered items according to the information in item 2.3.
2.5. Invoices are issued upon request by the
Client when ordering. The customer agrees to receive the invoice physically together with the Goods as well as electronically by an email specified by the Client in his Account or by uploading it to the Account itself.
2.7. In order to properly compile the invoice for the relevant Order, the C
lient is required to specify the correct ordering data and / or to update the data in his / her account. He is required to review the information given in the relevant Order to make sure it is complete, correct and accurate.

2.8. The possible payment options in the shop www.velyhome.com are currently: postal transfer against delivery by curier, bank payment and Paypal (for overseas supplies). They are visible when making the order.

Privacy Policy

3.1. C
lient agrees that by providing any of his or her personal or other details to the Supplier, they may be used by the latter for any legitimate purpose, whether or not related to orders, without the need for the Supplier to ask Client's permission for use on a case-by-case basis.
3.2. C
lient is not permitted to make public statements or other disclosures about its orders without the prior written permission of Supplier.
3.3. The C
lient agrees to provide to velyhome.com with unlimited volume and time access to any materials and information that are sent to the Supplier through or in connection with the Site, related or not to a Purchase Order or deal through the Site. Supplier has the right to use, reproduce, publish, modify, transmit and distribute this information or materials. The Client expressly agrees that the Supplier may freely use and process for its own purposes the ideas, concepts or know-how that the Client has provided to him in any way through or in connection with the Site or the actions / inactions that the Client has made through or in connection with the Site. Velyhome.com is under no obligation to keep the information received as confidential unless it is not required by applicable law.
3.4. By submitting your details to the S
upplier (including email), Client expressly agrees to be contacted by velyhome.com.
3.5. C
lients are responsible for protecting the privacy of their password and account and are fully responsible for all actions performed through their account or password. Velyhome.com advises them to unsubscribe at the end of each session by pressing the Exit button.