Carpets, made of natural fibres

Carpets, made of natural fibres

Following our line of main use for natural materials in our living space, which preserve and enhance vital energy, we will soon offer rugs of natural fabrics - wool, cotton, bamboo, silk. Unlike the widely available synthetic fiber carpets - polyester, acrylic, natural fiber carpets, are not only pleasant to touch, easy to maintain, but are also significantly healthier for the air we breathe in our own home.


Here you will find the opportunity to design your own carpet.

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Carpets Shaggy melange, wool, size and range - custom-made

Carpets Shaggy, a melnage mix of several colors that you can choose by combining the main colors in your home and thus ensuring the harmony of your vision. Melange type of carpets is suitable for home

Price: 289,00 BGN
Carpets Shaggy, single color, 100% wool, size and color - on order

Carpets Shaggy single-coloured, 100% natural, of wool, or with insert of silk thread included. Made to order, even in large sizes with width / length up to 7m. Machine-manual technology, allowing thre

Price: 269,00 BGN