Подарък за подрастващи момчета, 16-25г

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Bedding set for luxury bedroom, made of 300TC satin cotton fabric "Gray doodles"

Bedroom set in a modern design in three main colors - beige, gray and white. Combined with a solid gray sheet. Suitable for young people and families, it makes the bedroom modern and with its own visi

Price: 315,00 BGN
Modern blanket made of New Zealand wool, in a mix of colors, 140x200 cm

New Zealand wool blanket, in cheerful melange colors. Nice and warm, it has a composition: 100% fine wool and weight: 950g. With dimensions: 140x200 cm.Great as a gift for young people, comfortable

Price: 99,00 BGN
Two-sided cotton cover for covering a boy /men bed, 230x250cm, in the beige colour range

Bed cover, padded with 100% cotton filling, dimensions 230х250см. For bed covering, fits also for boy bed or man bedroom. On one side colorful 100% cotton, with basic colors: beige, brown, black, and

Price: 129,00 BGN
Onesie pajamas for kids, different heroes

At the insistence of my daughter, we offer these extremely popular children's pajamas, soft and warm, in the form of different fantastic characters. They can be an exclusive gift for children fr

Price: 79,00 BGN 69,00 BGN
Cotton satin 230TC double-sided bedroom colourfull set "Delight in brown"

Wonderful design in a brown box for luxury and coziness at home. With a message of joy in life, fun, finding beauty in everything. Makes the bedroom stylish and creates emotions of satisfaction, grati

Price: 159,00 BGN
Cotton satin 200TC double-sided bedroom colourfull set "Man power"

Wonderful design in navy blue and white for luxury and comfort at home. With a message of strength and masculinity, it strengthens male energy. Very suitable for men's and boys' bedrooms. Because the

Price: 129,00 BGN
Cotton satin 200TC double-sided bedroom colourfull set "Maze"

Lovely design in grey scale for luxury and coziness at home. With a message of strength and impetus.Because the fabric is breathable, gentle, cottony and soft, it is extremely suitable for insomnia, a

Price: 119,00 BGN
Knitted blanket, sizes 120x180cm, mixed colours

Shiny knitted blankets of 100% cotton, with sizes: 120x180cm. Density: 830 g / cm2р weighs 1.1kg.Possible colors are shown in the picture, please, specify the needed in the order comments. .

Price: 99,00 BGN 79,20 BGN
Very warm knitted cotton blankets, in two sizes, fluffy on one side

Knitted blankets with a fluff on one side with two sizes: 120x180cm and 150x200cm. Density: 1350 g/cm2, weighs 1.5kg/2kg, contents: knitting: 100% cotton, fluff: 100% acrylic. A lovely cuddle blanket,

Price: 229,00 BGN 199,00 BGN
Stylish knitted cotton throw blanket, sizes 120x180cm, 100% cotton

Stylish nitted blankets of 100% cotton with sizes: 120x180cm. Density: 830 g/cm2, weight 1kg. Also suitable for use in a car, because of their thikcness and small size. The possible colors and knits

Price: 129,00 BGN 103,20 BGN
Bed linen sets for growing and teenagers, made of cotton satin 200TC, in different patterns

Seein the product a variety of more than 50 different designs in the same incredibly soft cotton satin 200TC. Fresh designs for crazy teens. Choose for adorable beautiful bedding to soothe boiling ene

Price: 119,00 BGN