Shick throw blankets

Shick throw blankets

To turn around while reading, to add coziness and vitality to your living space or just to take a hug in a soft blanket after the end of the hard working day.

Give someone a hug.

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Warm children's natural blanket, size: 100x140 cm, for winter

Warm children's blanket, 100% natural, made of composition: 50% wool, 50% linen. It does not sting a lot, although made of wool, it is soft, warm and enveloping. Suitable for baby and baby cots.

Price: 59,00 BGN 49,00 BGN
Modern blanket made of New Zealand wool, in a mix of colors, 140x200 cm

New Zealand wool blanket, in cheerful melange colors. Nice and warm, it has a composition: 100% fine wool and weight: 340g. With dimensions: 140x200 cm.Great as a gift for young people, comfortable

Price: 99,00 BGN 79,20 BGN
Natural camel wool blanket, for cold nights, sizes 170x205cm

A natural camel wool blanket, thick and extremely warm, without steaming effect. Contents: 80% fine camel wool for warmth, 12% cotton for softness, 8% PAN forresistance and long-life. Weight: 2.15kg.

Price: 139,00 BGN
Woven cotton blanket, in light designs, in two sizes, for all year round

Very soft, kind and pleasant to touch, as baby's, a 100% cotton blanket in a variety of light designs - beige, grey, green, brown and purple. Fabric, weight: 1kg, 1,1kg, 1,2kg, entirely natural. In th

Price: 89,00 BGN 71,20 BGN
Cashmere blanket, with fringes, in different colors, 140х200см

Cashmere blanket, very luxurious, fine and warm. Ingredients: 10% cashmere and 90% fine wool merino, weight: 600g, entirely natural. Dimensions: 140x200cm. In selected designs with cheerful fringe.Cas

Price: 139,00 BGN 103,20 BGN
Pleasant touch of merino wool bleid in stylish designs, 140x200cm

Soft and pleasant to touch blanket, for turning and cuddling in front of the fireplace. Composition: 70% fine wool merino, 30% polyester, weight: 700g. Dimensions: 140x200cm. In stylish colorful desig

Price: 89,00 BGN
Soft and warm knitted blanket, size 120x180 cm, feathery on one side

Soft and warm knitted blanket with down on one side with dimensions: 120x180 cm. With a density of 1350 g / cm2. Wonderful blanket for cuddling, suitable for duvet, easy to maintain, machine washable,

Price: 109,00 BGN 79,20 BGN
Woven blankets of 100% egyptian cotton, in different sizes

Woven blankets of 100% Egyptian cotton, in different sizes. Density: 320 g / cm2. They can be used to cover a bed or turn around body during sleep in the summer or while sitting on the sofa.The fabric

Price: 99,00 BGN 79,00 BGN
100% silk blanket for luxury and coziness with dimensions 180x200cm, in different colors

All-season blanket for luxury and coziness, for turning and cooling in the summer, and warmth in winter, exceptional novelty, 100% silk. Tight and soft, very soft to touch, keeps from cold and wind wi

Price: 490,00 BGN
100% cashmere blanket, size: 140x180cm, in black and grey

Cashmere luxury blanket with dimensions: 140x180cm. Ingredients: 100% cashmere, weights 600g. Bilateral, with a natural border - on one side gray and black striped, on the other - plain black. Extreme

Price: 530,00 BGN
Winter blanket of natural wool fleece for the villa in the mountains

Winter blanket of natural wool. Stylish and unique in its kind, at the body side is soft, does not bite and is very warm. On the other side, it is like a fluffy polar, 2 cm thick, slightly bloody, but

Price: 129,00 BGN
Wool throw blanket, two-sided, fluffy and soft, different colours

Blanket with two sides - top velvet, bottom - wool like. Extremely warm, fluffy, soft and pleasant -with cashmere touch. It can also be used as a bed cover. In different colors. Density: 830 g/cm2, si

Price: 109,00 BGN 87,20 BGN
Tender children cotton blanket, size: 100x140cm, soft and antiallergic, different designs

A beautiful blanket for your baby or child, 100% cotton, warm, does not heat it up, incredibly soft to touch, from natural cotton fabric, woven type. Available in different colors shown on the picture

Price: 39,00 BGN 23,20 BGN
Knitted blanket Mermaid for reading a book or children

Knitted Blanket Mermaid for reading a book, stretching the couch or just having a quick break. Very comfortable, soft and pleasant for use and maintanence. And the girls also adore it!May be in diff

Price: 79,00 BGN 69,00 BGN
Cashmere luxury blanket with sizes 130x180 cm, in different colors, soft like silk

Extremely soft cashmere luxury blankets with sizes: 130x180cm. Content: 30% cashmere, 70% soft wool merino, 400g. With silk touch and extremely warm, light, authentic workmanship from Nepal. Also suit

Price: 290,00 BGN 175,20 BGN
Knitted blanket, sizes 120x180cm, mixed colours

Shiny knitted blankets of 100% cotton, with sizes: 120x180cm. Density: 830 g / cm2.Possible colors are shown in the picture, please, specify the needed in the order comments. .

Price: 99,00 BGN 79,20 BGN
Very warm knitted cotton blankets, sizes 120x180cm, fluffy on one side

Knitted blankets with a fluff on one side with sizes: 120x180cm. Density: 1350 g/cm2, contents: knitting: 100% cotton, fluff: 100% acrylic. A lovely cuddle blanket, an unusual but very nice gift for a

Price: 149,00 BGN
Stylish knitted cotton throw blanket, sizes 120x180cm, 100% cotton

Stylish nitted blankets of 100% cotton with sizes: 120x180cm. Density: 830 g/cm2. Also suitable for use in a car, because of their thikcness and small size.The possible colors and knits are shown in t

Price: 99,00 BGN 79,20 BGN