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Мек спален комплект - завивка, чаршаф и калъфки

The bedding set is for a bedroom with a width of up to 160cm. Very soft, fluffy and pleasant to touch, in neutral colors - blue, beige. Consist of light duvet 200х230см, bed sheet 245х250cm and teo Ox

Price: 259,00 BGN 135,15 BGN
Bedding sets made of natural silk, in different colors

As is commonly known, silk has an irreplaceable feeling in the bed of tenderness, luxury and health. It is an amazing breathable fabric, anti-allergenic, extremely beautiful and truly for connoisseurs

Price: 1 890,00 BGN 1 436,50 BGN
Silk cap for sleep

Silk cap for sleep, a necessary accessory for every woman who appreciates her hair. Preserves the condition of the hair, does not electrify and soothes the scalp. Made of 100% natural silk. Available

Price: 59,00 BGN 41,65 BGN
Italian towels made of combed cotton, even softer, 550 g / sq.m, in luxurious colors

Towels made of combed cotton, 100%, made in Italy, in various luxurious colors. The combed cotton is additionally softened cotton, for a more pleasant touch, while the absorbency of the towels is pres

Price: 49,00 BGN 41,65 BGN
Bed linen - a combination of natural jacquard silk and tencel

This is a set of bed linen, fine as silk can be and in delicate patterns, at an affordable price - a combination of natural silk woven in jacquard and tencel in the same color. In different patterns s

Price: 899,00 BGN 764,15 BGN
Pastel bed linen, made of cotton satin 300TC, in white, champagne and gray

The bed linen from this satin is soft, pleasant to the touch, easy to maintain and wash. Available in champagne, light gray, anthracite and white colours, shown on photos. Since this bed linen is fro

Price: 289,00 BGN 245,65 BGN
Wonderful blanket made of recycled wool, in tender colors, size 150x200 cm

Wonderful blanket made of recycled wool, in delicate colors, size 150x200 cm. To enjoy life and protect nature at the same time. Available in size: 150x200cm, with a composition of 100% soft wool

Price: 199,00 BGN 169,15 BGN
Double sided blanket made of wool and cashmere, in two sizes, in different combinations

Double sided blanket made of wool and cashmere - a wonderful warm but soft fabric, completely natural. To keep you warm and cozy wherever you are. Does not bite. Available in two sizes: 130x170cm an

Price: 229,00 BGN 194,65 BGN
Stylish soft one-color blanket, size 150x200 cm, made of 100% cotton, in different colours

Stylish soft one-color blanket made of 100% cotton, in several colors. Apart from being a wonderful accent on the sofa, it is also dense enough for turning and cuddling. Choose the right color for you

Price: 119,00 BGN 101,15 BGN
Warm children's natural blanket, size: 100x140 cm, for winter

Warm children's blanket, 100% natural, made of composition: 50% wool, 50% linen. It does not sting a lot, although made of wool, it is soft, warm and enveloping. Suitable for baby and baby cots. Weig

Price: 59,00 BGN 41,65 BGN
Modern blanket made of New Zealand wool, in a mix of colors, 140x200 cm

New Zealand wool blanket, in cheerful melange colors. Nice and warm, it has a composition: 100% fine wool and weight: 950g. With dimensions: 140x200 cm.Great as a gift for young people, comfortable

Price: 99,00 BGN 84,15 BGN
Cotton satin 200TC double-sided bedding colourfull set "Paws"

Children's set in orange - for little boys or for little and big girls. In a design - a lot of paws on a background of charging orange, and a cheerful sheet - on squares. Because the fabric is breath

Price: 139,00 BGN 118,15 BGN
Cotton satin 200TC double-sided bedding colourfull set "Flowers in yellow"

Cute pattern in white with yellow flowers and a sheet in a square for luxury and comfort at home. Gives airiness to the bed, creates joy, and at the same time is very stylish. Also suitable for childr

Price: 129,00 BGN 109,65 BGN
Winter bio duvet, in fresh white pattern, with wool filling, polycotton outside

The duvet is warm, dense, gentle and extremely pleasant to the touch. Completely natural - with wool filling, treated with a special technology for antisepticity, durability, and outer fabric - polyco

Price: 290,00 BGN 208,25 BGN
Two-color sets of smooth surface cotton satin, 200TC, in different colour combinations

Two-color sets of smooth surface cotton satin, 200TC, from the Soft Touch serie, in different combinations. They combine style with fabric and are in combinations suitable for most bedroom interiors

Price: 139,00 BGN 118,15 BGN
Brilliant Italian kimono - bathrobe, one color

Brilliant Italian kimono - thin bathrobe, one color, for bath or spa, made of a mixture of bamboo (40%) and cotton (60%). With a fashionable design, relying on stylish elegance, smooth and absorbent,

Price: 139,00 BGN 101,15 BGN
Cheerful, bright fringed rugs for the beach, 90x180cm, 100% cotton, Ibiza model

Description: Cheerful and vibrant rugs with fringe for the beach, 100% cotton, 90х180cm, thick, durable and stylish. In three sunshades, fresh and uplifting as it should on the beach. Unisex. Made in

Price: 59,00 BGN 33,15 BGN
Large beach rug 100x210cm, 100% Cotton, Formentera model, suitable for Men

Description: Large beach rug, 100% cotton, thick and soft. In a few designs, stylish and resistant to stains and dirt. Also suitable for big men. Origin: Italy.It retains its colors when sunbathing an

Price: 99,00 BGN 58,65 BGN
Design from Italy - 70x170cm beach rug-scarf, 100% cotton, model Capoverde

Exceptional pleasant beach rug-scarf, 100% cotton, thick and soft. In two melange designs, stylish and resistant to stains and dirt. Suitable for ladies.It retains its colors when sunbathing and its s

Price: 59,00 BGN 41,65 BGN
Italian bamboo-cotton towels, 460g/sq.m, shiny and fine blended, different sizes

Bath towels at home, with a composition of bamboo (60%) and cotton (40%), fine, very smooth and pleasant to the touch, at the same time extremely well absorbed. The colors shown in the photos are poss

Price: 13,00 BGN 11,05 BGN
Soft textile sets for a stylish colorful garden or restaurant

We offer you affordable garden sets - from soft textiles in joyful patterns. Each set is in limited quantities left by large orders with high requirements. Take the opportunity to turn your garden i

Price: 118,00 BGN 100,30 BGN
Wonderful sets of 100% softened cotton percale, 600TC and up, combined in two bright colors

Wonderful sets of 100% softened cotton percale, 600TC and up, combined in two bright colors. They add style to your bedroom, enhance the energy in bright colors, and can practically combine with any c

Price: 310,00 BGN 254,15 BGN
Woven cotton blanket, in light designs, in two sizes, for all year round

Very soft, kind and pleasant to touch, as baby's, a 100% cotton blanket in a variety of light designs - beige, grey, green, brown and purple. Fabric, weight: 1kg, 1,5kg, 1,8kg, entirely natural, for t

Price: 89,00 BGN 75,65 BGN
Cashmere blanket, with fringes, in different colors, 140х200см

Cashmere blanket, very luxurious, fine and warm. Ingredients: 10% cashmere and 90% fine wool merino, weight: 600g, entirely natural. Dimensions: 140x200cm. In selected designs with cheerful fringe.Cas

Price: 169,00 BGN 143,65 BGN
Eco bed cover blanket (with pillow covers) for girls, 230х250cm, Garden in colour

Bed cover blanket and also a light duvet, complete with pillowcases, suitable for gils' bed. 100% cotton, padded, size 250x230cm, contains basic colors: pink, red and blue. It is double-sided and the

Price: 159,00 BGN 118,15 BGN
Entirely silk luxury duvet, size 230x200cm

Luxury silk duvet with silk fiber filling for connoisseurs in the bedroom. There is no analogue of touch and feel when sleeping with a silk duvet, comfort and luxury are unmatched by nothing. An incre

Price: 2 090,00 BGN 1 776,50 BGN
Bamboo duvet with silk fiber filling, in different sizes

Bamboo jacquard quilt, stuffed with silk fibers, in white colour. Soft, beautiful and natural, breathable and with a gentle touch. Extremely suitable for stylish and gentle natures, as well as for peo

Price: 690,00 BGN 416,50 BGN
Delicate cotton organic quilt, size 230x200cm, for summer heat

Delicate and soft summer quilt with a feel of hug. Suitable for 30-degree temperatures, it turns the body, but keeps cool. And if it gets cool, this duvet will warm you up. Sleep well in summer hot.

Price: 169,00 BGN 86,70 BGN
Onesie pajamas for kids, different heroes

At the insistence of my daughter, we offer these extremely popular children's pajamas, soft and warm, in the form of different fantastic characters. They can be an exclusive gift for children fr

Price: 79,00 BGN 58,65 BGN
Exquisite Italian toweling bathrobe, single color, for bathroom or spa center

Exquisite Italian toweling bathrobe, single color, for use in bathroom or spa center.With a clean design, soft and warm, of 100% quality cotton with a density of 470 gsm.It does not keep odors. With a

Price: 129,00 BGN 109,65 BGN
Luxurious Italian made bathmat of cotton for bathrooms and spa centers, 2 sizes, 1-2cm thick

Luxurious Italian made cotton bathmat for bathrooms and spa centers, size 60x100cm or 75x140cm, 2cm thick, high-heeled. Extremely soft, 100% cotton with a density of 1800 gsm. Wonderful accent for the

Price: 59,00 BGN 50,15 BGN
Italian bath towels for home bathroom, 600gsm, in luxurious colors

Colorful towels of high class in luxurious colors to make it soft and shick in the bathroom, to complement design and stylish vision. 100% thick cotton, outstanding quality, no analogue. They are made

Price: 39,00 BGN 33,15 BGN
Cotton satin 200TC double-sided bedroom colourfull set "Joy circles"

Wonderful design on circles in pink and blue for luxury and coziness at home. The circle is the most stable energy form, that is why this design increases the energy in the bedroom, prevents its leaka

Price: 109,00 BGN 92,65 BGN
Luxury bedding set, made of 300TC satin cotton fabric "Fantasy"

Bedding set made of cotton satin 300TC, that will make your bedroom luxurous, with beautiful design in blue and beige, with brown bedsheet. The right of this set enhances the creativity, fantasy and s

Price: 345,00 BGN 169,15 BGN
Bedding set for luxury bedroom, made of 300TC satin cotton fabric "Earth chessboard"

Bedding set made of cotton satin 300TC, that will make your bedroom luxurous, with beautiful right-of-the-box squares in earth tones and single colour golden brown bedsheet. The design of this set li

Price: 345,00 BGN 169,15 BGN
Natural silk pillow case, for sweet dream and skin youth, in different colours

Silk pillow case, for an incredibly gentle touch to the face during sleep. Research has shown that silk pillows, due to their lack of friction during sleep, visibly smoothen the skin and aid its night

Price: 129,00 BGN 95,20 BGN
Tender children cotton blanket, size: 100x140cm, soft and antiallergic, in different designs

A beautiful blanket for your baby or child, 100% cotton, warm, does not heat it up, incredibly soft to touch, from natural cotton fabric, woven type. Available in different colors and designs shown on

Price: 39,00 BGN 24,65 BGN
Knitted blanket Mermaid for reading a book or children

Knitted Blanket Mermaid for reading a book, stretching the couch or just having a quick break. Very comfortable, soft and pleasant for use and maintanence. And the girls also adore it!May be in diff

Price: 79,00 BGN 58,65 BGN
Cashmere light blanket with sizes 130x180 cm, in different colors, soft like silk

Extremely soft cashmere luxury blankets with sizes: 130x180cm. In 2 content: 30% cashmere, 70% soft wool merino and 100% cashmere, 400g. With silk touch and extremely warm, light, authentic workmanshi

Price: 279,00 BGN 237,15 BGN
Knitted blanket, sizes 120x180cm, mixed colours

Shiny knitted blankets of 100% cotton, with sizes: 120x180cm. Density: 830 g / cm2р weighs 1.1kg.Possible colors are shown in the picture, please, specify the needed in the order comments. .

Price: 99,00 BGN 84,15 BGN
Very warm knitted cotton blankets, in two sizes, fluffy on one side

Knitted blankets with a fluff on one side with two sizes: 120x180cm and 150x200cm. Density: 1350 g/cm2, weighs 1.5kg/2kg, contents: knitting: 100% cotton, fluff: 100% acrylic. A lovely cuddle blanket,

Price: 229,00 BGN 169,15 BGN
Comforter pillow for mattress, eco fibres filling

The flat mattress comforter softens the pressure on the back, thereby reducing back and waist pain and helps with insomnia problems. It makes your bed extremely comfortable as a hug of a loving one.Th

Price: 125,00 BGN 97,75 BGN
Artificial leather throw pillows, 40x40cm, in different colours

Suitable for the office specially, also for home, made in artificial leather. Easy to maintain, great accent and convenience. 15 cm thick. Available colors: white, black, red, blue, purple, dark gree

Price: 28,00 BGN 23,80 BGN
Versace winter quilt, original, size 230x200cm, insert feather

The quilt is original Versace, for collectioners. An incredible gift for a wedding. Outside is thick 100% satin cotton, inside feather. Soft and dense, gently and luxuriously touching your body, and v

Price: 790,00 BGN 416,50 BGN