Bed pillows

Bed pillows

The choice of pillows is extremely individual. Depending on the feeling, they may be solid, soft, low, thick, broad, narrow, long, short. The pillows we offer, as standard, are 50x70cm and medium hard. The pillow is of great importancefor feeling of bed comfort and strong sleep.

 If necessary, we can design custom-made pillows. Contact Us!

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Cotton pillow, 100% cotton with ethereal filling, size 70x50 cm, with a height of your choice, indeformable

Cotton pillow, softly quilted on one side for an even softer touch, and on the other side - smooth cotton. With a case of 100% cotton satin in exquisite workmanship on the outside and an ethereal fill

Price: 59,00 BGN 50,15 BGN
Classic pillow with artificial filling - made of microfiber or silicone wool, 70x50cm

Classic pillow with artificial filling - made of microfiber or silicone wool. Comfortable and unpretentious.Filling: 800-1000 g, cotton satin for pillows outside.

Price: 33,00 BGN 28,05 BGN
Pillow with silk mixed filling, 70x50cm, luxury under your head

The silk pillow is an unexpected luxury under your head. It is soft, but at the same time comfortable, antiseptic, does not steam, does not retain mites and other microorganisms. And besides - the fee

Price: 359,00 BGN 305,15 BGN
Classical bio pillow - all cotton, sizes 70x50cm

Bio pillow for connoisseurs of natural fabrics. Breathable, energizing and complementing harmonious sleep. Filling: 700-1200g cotton filling, white or light one-color cotton satin for pillows outside

Price: 129,00 BGN 109,65 BGN
Luxurious pillow, filler with goose down, 48x74cm

Pillow, filled with goose down, luxurious performance and cutaway, thick but soft. With reinforsed edges for longer use. Only dry cleaning is possible for maintanance. Filling: 1000-1500g of goose

Price: 228,00 BGN 193,80 BGN
Pillow protector, sizes 53x73cm, made of polycotton

Pillow protector, sizes 53x73cm, filled with ecofilling, for pillow size 70x50cm. Closes by zip.It is used to keep the pillow clean longer, especially suitable for hotels.

Price: 10,00 BGN 8,50 BGN
Classic pillow for deep sleep, 50x70cm

Classic pillow for deep sleep. Pleasant to touch and use, durable and reliable, it does not dilate.Filling: 700-1200 grams of fiber and silicone down, cotton satin pillow for the outsid

Price: 39,00 BGN 33,15 BGN
Mattress and pillows protectors

The mattress protector is made of polycotton, with 3d design and eco-stuff filling. It should be sized on the bed as it snugly fits and attaches with elastic to the mattress.Filling: 150 g / cm2 micro

Price: 69,00 BGN 58,65 BGN
Comforter pillow for mattress, eco fibres filling

The flat mattress comforter softens the pressure on the back, thereby reducing back and waist pain and helps with insomnia problems. It makes your bed extremely comfortable as a hug of a loving one.Th

Price: 125,00 BGN 97,75 BGN
Head pillow with insert of microfibre wool 50x80cm

Extremely pleasant to sleep, medium hard, the head does not sink and does not load the neck while sleeping.Filling: 800g microfibre fluff, outside cotton satin cotton for pillows.

Price: 38,00 BGN 32,30 BGN