Duvets for bed

Duvets for bed

The duvet has a huge impact on the feeling of being comfortable in bed. It should be pleasant to touch and rust, to fit you in weight and thickness, and to keep the heat of the body without getting it bloated. And for the proper flow of energy, it is imperative that the duvet to be made of natural material - cotton, silk, bamboo, wool, goose down.

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Organic super soft duvet, in cream colour, cotton outside, with bamboo fiber filling

Extremely pleasant to the touch bio duvet, made entirely of natural materials. The outside is 100% soft washed cotton and the filling is bamboo fiber. The blanket is breathable, conducts energy, ple

Price: 390,00 BGN 331,50 BGN
Winter 100% natural duvet, in cream, cotton with wool filling, thick

Duvet for sleeing, 100% natural - the outside is 100% cotton sateen, and the filling is 100% Merselized wool. Woolmark certified. It retains heat, breathes and freely passes the body's energy when sle

Price: 390,00 BGN 331,50 BGN
Silk duvet, cotton on the outside, with silk filling, in different sizes

High-grade cotton duvet, filled with silk fibers, in white. This duvet retains body heat without steaming it, extremely breathable and pleasant to the touch, it is a thing for long-term use. The

Price: 590,00 BGN 501,50 BGN
Warm duvet with camel wool filling, polycotton beige outside

Camel wool duvet, very warm, pleasant, outside is beige polycotton, in a pleasant camel design. Thick but not so heavy. Composition of the filling: 51% camel wool, 49% man-made fibers, outside: poly

Price: 389,00 BGN 330,65 BGN
Winter bio duvet, in fresh white pattern, with wool filling, polycotton outside

The duvet is warm, dense, gentle and extremely pleasant to the touch. Completely natural - with wool filling, treated with a special technology for antisepticity, durability, and outer fabric - polyco

Price: 290,00 BGN 208,25 BGN
Classical wool duvet, cotton outside, inside 100% wool

Classical winter duvet, with wool filling, and cotton outer fabric, warm, dense and natural. Retains body heat, does not steam, does not retain moisture. Filling: 300-400 g, weighs 2.5-3 kg, made on s

Price: 159,00 BGN 135,15 BGN
All season seasonal silk duvet Armani, size 230x200cm, velvet stuffing

The Armani silk duvet is original, labeled, rest of the order for a six-star hotel in Dubai. An incredible gift for a wedding. Lighter than winter, spring - autumn. Outside is down silk, inside goose

Price: 790,00 BGN 671,50 BGN
Entirely silk luxury duvet, size 230x200cm

Luxury silk duvet with silk fiber filling for connoisseurs in the bedroom. There is no analogue of touch and feel when sleeping with a silk duvet, comfort and luxury are unmatched by nothing. An incre

Price: 2 090,00 BGN 1 776,50 BGN
Bamboo duvet with silk fiber filling, in different sizes

Bamboo jacquard quilt, stuffed with silk fibers, in white colour. Soft, beautiful and natural, breathable and with a gentle touch. Extremely suitable for stylish and gentle natures, as well as for peo

Price: 690,00 BGN 416,50 BGN
Delicate cotton organic quilt, size 230x200cm, for summer heat

Delicate and soft summer quilt with a feel of hug. Suitable for 30-degree temperatures, it turns the body, but keeps cool. And if it gets cool, this duvet will warm you up. Sleep well in summer hot.

Price: 169,00 BGN 86,70 BGN
Winter BIO duvet, in cream colour, outside cotton, inside wool, 300 gsm

A unique BIO duvet that warms, protects against allergies and skin dermatitis, gives the bed extra comfort and softness as a warm embrace. Extremely pleasing to the outside, outer is 100% cotton satin

Price: 290,00 BGN 246,50 BGN
Anti-allergic duvet, white or colored, outside bamboo fabric, wool filled

White or colored duvet with banknote noise. Extremely pleasing to the touch, bamboo, filled with wool, with a density of 400g / cm2.Wool duvets can be used both in the winter and in the summer as they

Price: 140,00 BGN 119,00 BGN
Winter duvet white, cotton outside, inside down

White duvet, puffy and warm, extremely pleasing to touch, on the outside is thick satin cotton, with down and feather insert. Does not release down. Available in three standard sizes: For double bed

Price: 590,00 BGN 501,50 BGN
A bed set "Comfort bed", for a bedroom 140-200cm

The "Comfortable bed" set includes: a flat mattress comforter, a duvet and two pillows with down filling. Suitable for a bedroom with a width of 140-200 cm, makes it extremely comfortable and pleasant

Price: 590,00 BGN 416,50 BGN
Winter duvet, white or colored, outside cotton, inside wool

Light coloured duvet with banknote noise, outer cover may vary in colours. Extremely pleasing to the touch, cotton, filled with 70% wool and 30% polyester, 3kg. Lighter than only wool and cannot be wa

Price: 110,00 BGN 93,50 BGN
Winter duvet white, cotton outside, inside microfibre

White duvet, with the sound of banknotes. Extremely pleasing to touch, on the outside is cotton, with a microfiber filling, 2.5kg.Available in two standard sizes:For bedroom 140-200x200cm, bed sizes 2

Price: 130,00 BGN 110,50 BGN
Versace winter quilt, original, size 230x200cm, insert feather

The quilt is original Versace, for collectioners. An incredible gift for a wedding. Outside is thick 100% satin cotton, inside feather. Soft and dense, gently and luxuriously touching your body, and v

Price: 790,00 BGN 416,50 BGN